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Sports massage therapy isn’t just used as a cure to muscle tightness or imbalance but also as a prevention tool too. More and more it’s being incorporated into the lives of athletes from grass roots to professional level. Treatment can enhance your flexibility, help your body recover faster after strenuous exercise and prevent new injuries from happening. Whatever physical activity you participate in, whether it be rugby, soccer, hiking, tennis, swimming, netball (to name just a few) you can benefit from a massage. 

Sports massages reduce the stress and tension that has built up in the soft tissue, which can cause you pain and discomfort. This imbalance in the tissue causes muscle tightness which can restrict your joint range of motion, power output, speed and endurance. Targeted sports massages effectively identify where your performance is being restricted and the treatment helps stimulate blood flow, which speeds up your recovery time.

There are numerous different techniques when it comes to sports massage and your therapist will use those appropriate to your needs. Soft tissue release is the action of locking and stretching the tissues and muscles. Positional release which is used to relax hyperactive muscles. Neuromuscular technique which targets affected trigger points in your body and fascial release which incorporates the slow, deep kneading of the muscles and tissues.

So whether you’ve got a big game coming up and want to make sure you’re in peak physical condition. You’ve just spent the weekend hiking up mountains and your body needs some help with recovery. Or you’ve sustained an injury and need some rehabilitation, sports massage therapy can be incredibly beneficial to you.  

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