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You were designed to move pain free!


And yet… many of us struggle with the simple act of movement on a daily basis and it has nothing to do with “getting old” either…

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It’s about what your body now perceives as your accepted normal.

If you’re in pain and your body just isn’t moving the way you want it to, read on and take back control of your body’s performance! 

The PerformanceRx Difference…

PerformanceRx is different to your normal method of pain relief. It’s not about mere symptomatic relief, it’s about fixing your body from top to bottom, and setting new highs of your accepted normal. It’s about re-educating you brain, nervous system, muscles (how they work together and fire) and the resulting effect on your joints.

PerformanceRx is about strengthening the way your body moves and aligns in all your daily movements. Achieved through specific and targeted testing, barrier removal, prescribed sequential exercises and support and motivation from our profession physios & coaches.

Our goal is to provide you with a reawakened total body movement awareness, and targeted improvement of strength, flexibility, and balance.

To make your goals even easier, PerformanceRx results can now also be achieved in the comfort of your own home via live video conferencing* or at our Hamilton NZ based rehab and performance clinic and gym. 

If that wasn’t easy enough, we have apps in development that we’ll be launching in 2021! All with little to no expensive equipment needed…

We can’t make it any easier than that!

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