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Expert Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture

Acupuncture – Traditional Chinese Medicine now available at PhysioRx Melville

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Benefits of Targeted Acupuncture…

Bring Health and Balance into your life with Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture, now available at PhysioRx Melville…

What is Acupuncture… Acupuncture is a holistic method of healing developed in China a few thousand years ago. In Chinese Medicine, the fundamental theory of being healthy, is being balanced both physically and mentally.

After thoroughly assessing what is holding your quality of life back, your highly trained practitioner will insert sterile single use acupuncture needles safely and painlessly into the the correct points on the body to address what you need to unlock and balance the energy flow inside the body to return you to balanced health and harmony

Can Acupuncture be covered under ACC???

Absolutely! All you need is an accepted ACC claim which can be lodged by one of our Physiotherapy team, or your GP. 

What kind of injuries can benefit from Acupuncture???

Acupuncture is widely used to release all sorts of pain symptoms, including soft tissue injury, sprain, concussion, tendon tears, and joint pain, headache, neck pain, lower back pain, sciatica… and more.

Benefits of Targeted Chinese Herbal Medicine…

Along with a few thousand years of clinical practice, the Chinese herbs have been classified and identified according to their natural properties, the organs and meridians of human beings affected. Those unique classifications and identifications are the most important knowledge for the practitioners to prescribe herbal formulas to balance the human conditions.

Bai Chang is well experienced in providing Chinese Medicine for flu, cough, gout, shingle, chronic rhinitis, stomach ulcer, hay fever, high blood pressure, diabetic (early stage intervention is recommended, especially before medication treatment), cancer, eczema, acne, chronic urticaria, arthritis, high blood iron syndrome, and other medical conditions.

Please know… Telehealth (over the phone) appointments are available to respect social distancing.

Preformulated prescriptions applied to the following conditions:

Cream for:
1. Eczema
2. Pigmentation
3. Joint pain (sprain, arthritis, etc.)
4. Acne

Chinese herbal granules for:
1. Gout
2. Subhealth
3. Chronic rhinitis
4. Diabetic (preferably early stage)
5. High blood pressure
6. Shingle
7. Acne
8. Hay fever

What are people saying…

“I have very sensitive skin since my childhood, easily got strong allergies against various triggers. I have used the cream for facial pigmentation from Mr. SHEN for a month. Just after the 1st week, friends and colleagues keep complimenting that my skin has got amazingly improved in a very natural way. Being bright, shiny, even, confident,  are the most comments I have received recently, after using the pigmentation cream in my daily skin care. I really feel great about it which my skin totally accepts with zero irritation.” — Bing LI

“I got quite severe tendon tear around the thumb of my right hand 14 months ago, did not seek for any medical treatment until very late stage when I could not use my hand to cope with my daily foundation and  office work. I had to attend to many sessions of acupuncture treatments and physiotherapy from previous practitioners. However, the effects were not satisfying and stable, I then became very upset and questioning about the treatments, lost confidence about my recovery from the accident. I got known of Mr SHEN who has gained wealthy academic and practical medicine and health background both from western and traditional Chinese medicine by chance recently, with his professional convincement and insistence, I started to receive the acupuncture treatments from Bai Chang SHEN 3 weeks ago. Surprisingly I really have obtained great benefits for his acupuncture and massage treatments after 6 sessions! And my overall recovery has got a significant and stable progress! Thanks Bai Chang for his great efforts and patience on me.” — Alice WONG


Bai Chang Shen

Bai Chang comes to the PhysioRx team with a vast knowledge and skill base. Bai Chang is a highly qualified Acupuncturist & Chinese Manipulation Practitioner with a Traditional Chinese Medical background hailing from the prestigious Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Bai Chang SHEN, NZ registered acupuncturist, ACC provider, Australia registered acupuncturist & Chinese Medicine Practitioner. He holds Graduate Diploma in Acupuncture (RMIT) and NZ National Diploma in Acupuncture.

Bai Chang has been practicing Acupuncture for over 20 years as an ACC registered practitioner. Bai Chang uses his skills in treating all sorts of pain symptoms including musculoskeletal injuries.

Bai Chang also brings over 32 years of Meditation practicing experience and is now available at our Melville site.



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