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recover from injury faster, stronger, fitter, and for longer!!!

We’ve reinvented our services to now deliver to you, what we believe to be, one of the most Complete and Permanent solutions out there!!!


PhysiO-rx services

Our team of Physio professionals, led by Craig Leong who has over 35 years of experience in the field, bring varied skills to delivery a personalised and targeted solution for YOUR particular needs…


The word “Performance” can have different meanings to different people. Performing in sport, work or any aspect of your life is important and that’s why we provide a specialised exercise assessment and delivery model utilising Neuro Kinetic Testing and outcomes based exercise prescription to achieve YOUR BEST PERFORMANCE POSSIBLE!!!

Health-rx personalised online health coaching- coming soon!

A unique combination of; Behaviour as Medicine, Nutrition is Medicine, Fitness is Medicine & Mind-Body Medicine to provide you with most empowering and permanent health improvement change…

SPORTS AND FITNESS injury rehabilitation

Your body was designed to move, and move a certain way. Modern day living unfortunately has begun to work against this which can either give us pain and/or make us susceptible to injury and . Re-training your body through structured and personalized exercise is the key to YOUR PERFORMANCE in life!

Targeted Assessment, Treatment & Rehabilitation Services Personalized Specifically to YOU…

Merely providing you with symptomatic relief is NEVER enough for us…

We see our purpose being to find the root cause to why you are in pain and/or susceptible to injury and look to give you the most complete solution personalized to YOU. We combine evidence based Physiotherapy assessment and treatment with cutting edge Exercise Rehabilitation and Performance training to ensure the best outcome for YOU. 

“There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.” – Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862)

Of course our first goal is still to take away YOUR pain as fast as we can, but this is not the end goal for YOU. We’d rather strike at the root rather than just hack at the leaves as the leaves can grow back!!! We do this because we want to provide you with the most targeted and personalized assessment, treatment, educational and rehabilitation service so that we never need to see you again!!! 

next level performance

Our Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation & Performance Coach, Christian Baldia, specialises in targeting training to optimise the way you move so that you can sustain your training and achieve your goals in a permanent way. Christian is NOT just an everyday personal trainer… he is a specialist in his field. If this wasn’t already enough, PhysioRx combine Christian’s skill set with your Physio assessments and treatments which we believe provides something that is unbeatable… 

Massage therapy & your sports performance… 

Muscle tightness and imbalance can literally hold you back in your sports performance goals. Muscle tightness and imbalance can restrict your joint range of motion, power output, speed and endurance. Targeted sports massage effectively identifies where your performance is being restricted through tightness and/or imbalance. Massage reduces restriction by lengthening muscle fibers which promotes your flexibility, range of motion and/or muscle recruitment.  

More Than Weights

Performance in the gym is so much more than weights!!! Understanding how your body works, what it needs and what might be holding it back is the secret to success. Get educated by our team of professionals… 

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